Best Vape Kits : Top 3 for Beginners

Are you trying to find the best vape kit in Australia that is also affordable? Or just trying to work out where to begin your transition from smoking to vaping? Check out our Top 3 vape kits for beginners in Australia We have given you a curated list of the top sellers and our staff recommendations for the best vape kit to start vaping in 2022.

1. Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

The Uwell Caliburn A2 takes the top spot on our list in the top 3 popular pod kits on the New Zealand market. The A2 produces excellent flavour, solid build quality, sleek and compact in hand, with long-lasting battery life - making this device a great companion for your all-day vape.

The Caliburn A2 features a 2ml easy top-fill refillable pod; pop the cap off the pod with ease and refill. The 520mAh battery has plenty of capacity to keep you vaping throughout the day. With a Type-C USB port to charge, you get a robust and reliable connector compatible with your other electronic devices.

Who is the Caliburn A2 for?

The Caliburn A2 is an excellent option for smokers transitioning to vaping or anyone who wants a reliable on-the-go device. With it being effortless to use, an affordable price-point, and the most popular kit amongst the staff here at Caktus, we give the Caliburn A2 the Caktus Vape seal of approval & our #1 spot on the list!

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2. Uwell Popreel N1 Pod Kit

The Uwell Popreel has earned the number 2 spot on our list. You can't beat it for the price point. The Popreel delivers above expectations when looking for an affordable entry point into vaping. The Popreel produces superb flavour. It has a smooth and rounded edge design that feels great in hand and is a reliable device that will keep you going through the day!

The Popreel features a 2ml refillable pod with UWELLs exclusive Pro-FOCS Flavour technology, evenly delivering maximum flavour in every vape. In addition, the built-in 520mAh battery will keep you going all day long, and the device itself can fully recharge in under 1 hour.

Who is the Popreel for?

The Popreel is an excellent option for beginner vapers looking for an extremely affordable entry to vaping. If you are looking for a refillable pod kit under $30, look no further. The Popreel is the one for you!

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3. Vaporesso Zero 2 Pod Kit

The Vaporesso Zero 2 is the latest and greatest version of the top-rated Renova series by Vaporesso. The Zero series has proven year after year that it has a loyal user base, and that's precisely why the latest addition is included in our Top 3 list for another year, taking our #3 spot.

The Zero 2 boasts a 3ml juice capacity and a massive 800mAh battery, keeping you vaping throughout the day on a single charge with ease. The Zero 2 Design is unique and flattering; with soft edges and a unique handheld profile, which makes it a match made in heaven for your hand.

Who is the Zero 2 for?

The Zero 2 is a great option for smokers transitioning to vaping. This device is discreet, effortless to operate, and closely resembles drawing on a cigarette. For smokers, this device will be a familiar vaping experience and a great option for your daily vape!

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