Best Vape Kits : Top 3 for Beginners

Are you trying to find the best vape kit in Australia that is also affordable? Or just trying to work out where to begin your transition from smoking to vaping? Check-out our Top 3 vape kits for beginners in Australia. We have given you a curated list of the top sellers and our staff recommendations for what's the best vape kit to start vaping with, in 2020.

1. Vaporesso Renova Pod Kit

The Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Kit is one of the most popular pod kits on the Australian market, the Renova is satisfying to vape with and continues to impress every user who has one, which is why it takes the #1 spot in our top 3 beginner vape kits list.

The Renova Zero is a refillable pod system which means, you can reuse the 2ml pod that clips into the top of the unit over and over again with any e-liquid you like until the pod eventually expires (7-10 days of use) let me explain more - A lot of pod systems are "closed" meaning you must purchase pre-filled pods with e-liquid made by the device manufacturer, let's be honest here - electronic manufacturers are not always the best e-liquid manufactures (lacklustre and poor flavour design) and then after the pod runs out of juice you throw it away (1 days use) Because the Renova has a refillable pod when the pod runs dry, you just top it back up again with juice through the easy refill holes on the pod and you are good to keep vaping with the same pod! This saves you money and it opens your e-liquid options from around 5-10 flavours to 100's if not 1000's !!

The Renova Zero boasts a 2ml juice capacity and 650mAh battery so it will keep you going throughout the day on a single charge. There is no button for operation, instead, the Renova Zero has a built-in auto draw system; You simply draw on the mouthpiece like a cigarette and the Renova Zero does all the work for you.

Who is the Renova for?

The Renova Zero is a great option for smokers transitioning to vaping. This device is very discreet, and extremely easy to operate and will very closely resemble drawing on a cigarette. For smokers, this device will be the most familiar vaping experience and our best recommendation to transition to vaping!

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2. Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit

The Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit is a very close runner up in the top 3 popular pod kits on the Australian market, the Caliburn produces great flavour and feels very discreet in the hand, and while its very smilar function wise to the Renova it has a few unique features of its own. This device should not be overlooked!

The Caliburn features a 2ml easy refillable pod and a 520mAh battery, while a smaller battery than the Renova this unit will still keep most vapers going throughout the day on a single charge. A unique point of difference on the Caliburn is that there is both a button operation and an auto draw system for triggering the device, so the option is yours, and with their proprietary Pro-FOCS flavour technology the Caliburn in our opinion produces the best flavour out of any pod system, period.

Who is the Caliburn for?

The Caliburn is a great option for smokers transitioning to vaping, or anyone who wants an on the go device. With it being small and discreet, extremely easy to vape with, and as its the most popular kit amongst the staff here at Caktus, we give the Caliburn the Caktus seal of approval & our #2 spot on the list!!

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3. Vaporesso Target PM80 Pod Kit

The Vaporesso Target PM80 Subohm Pod Kit is one of the best DTL (Direct to Lung) pod kits to enter the Australian market. For its small size, this nifty unit packs a punch. The PM80 rounds out our Top 3 as it brings something new to the table - a sub-ohm device in a small pod kit set up!

The PM80 is built with quality and design in mind, it features a 2000mAh internal battery, and a maximum power output of 80w. While the battery does seem a little small for any DTL device outputting this kind of power it makes up for it in how fast it charges (it can go from empty to full in 45min) the PM80 gives the larger box mod setups a run for their money!

Who is the PM80 for?

The Target PM80 is for you sub-ohm direct to lung vapers who want a small on the go device, or anyone wanting an introduction to DTL vaping. For most smokers, we would still recommend one of the first 2 options above, but if you want to vape lower nicotine strength e-liquid (0mg / 3mg / 6mg) and you enjoy the sensation of DTL vaping then you won't regret having this device in your hand.

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