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Based on 3057 reviews

Recommend flavour. It’s has a smooth strawberry taste that isn’t too over powering and doesn’t leave a bad after taste. D

Tastes beautiful

All Day’a

Vape this flavour all day. It’s perfect for ex smokers, doing me wonders

Mint Ice

One of my fav

Great Flavor

The flavor is great! Nice and refreshing with just the right amount of menthol. Definitely recommend.

Nice flavour

Great tasting vape juice, love it but would like a little more menthol in it, loved the juice but delivery took too long

Have had other vapes and had probems with them leaking and they just seemed clumsy to use.
The Breeze 2 has no such issues so far.
Doesn’t leak, light weight and the mouth piece far more comfortable to use.

Really good - but??

This is a lovely pod to use, light weight comfortable to hold, easy to refill it is my favourite of three different vapes. The one thing that let's it down is the dark coloured coil head it is quite difficult to see the juice level and it is easy to burn out the coil if you are not diligent in checking the juice level. Most other vapes have a clear glass window which makes it much easier to keep an eye on things. Other than that it has been very reliable.


I really liked this flavor. I cut it down with some vg for sub-ohm, its the right amount of sweetness and coolness that I like. recommended

Gold Leaf

My second fave flavour!!!!!!

It’s amazing

Have had my Endurance T18 for 2 weeks now and have not had a problem at all. I have had a couple of different e-cigs and can say that this is the best. 10 days and only 4 cigarettes that’s amazing seeing as I smoked 30 a day.

You remember Willy Wonka Nerds?

It’s like you’re vaping them. 10/10 would recommend

Great Device

Really like this pod machine, easy to fill up. Stays charged longer than others I have brought! An was a great price too, later will be buying another for a friend also stopping the cigs! Good service to Australia too thank you xx


Nice and sweet

Thumbs up

Nice flavour not too sweet


Absolutely love it will definitely buy it again


My favourite e cig liquid

Awesome Product

I would highly recommend the Black Note as it has such a smooth taste and flavor.

Ice ²

Nice and smooth, great menthol hit.

Great flavour

Once again great flavour and really tasty.
Heisenburg does it again with his chemicals

Top flavour

Best flavour I have had so far. Sweet fruitful taste which does not get boring

Nice, potentially great but not perfect

So, I’m fussy with juice. Finding one that I don’t tire of quickly is a challenge for me. To keep it short, Black Note’s Prelude has potential to be a great juice. Of corse, since it is made with real tobacco, it has great tobacco flavour. Personally, I didn’t find it strong enough though, bitter flavour wise. Pretty good, but not good enough for a second purchase. If you are after a great tobacco flavour, this might be good for you though (preference is so personal, right?). I would recommend it in a high nicotine level, as this often boosts the tobacco flavour, and vaping it in a MTL setup. Tested at 6mg. 3.5/5.

“That’s a tasty 😋 burger 🍔 “

Quality once again 🕺caktus vape 💨 or nothing 🤗 awesome flavour you can really taste both flavours 🤙 definitely order again

Just as described

Truly smooth and my brother no longer coughs after vaping.

Tasty treat

So glad I gave Unicorn Milk a try! As stated by someone in a previous review, it really is the lovechild of "Allen's Strawberries & Cream" lollies and "Strawberry Nesquik" without being overly sweet.