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Icy hit plus

I've tried many other menthol liquids and I keep coming back to this one. It's truly an icy cool hit.

Menthol Solo

Probably the best menthol juice I have tried, so close to smoking a menthol cigarette.
Blacknote really know how to produce a great tobacco experience.

Charles D.
Goes Alright

Tried this on a whim, it goes alright!

Polar Chill
Scott D.
Icey cool

A great tasting vape liquid, very icey. Would recommend.

Great flavour

I love this flavour. Very good quality product

Reynardt B.

This is my fail-safe vape if all else fails. It's just perfect, not too sweet, but sweet enough.

sweet tobacco

This is just the BOMB!..........moreish...........more, more, more.............yes, please!!

Pleasantly suprised.

I've been using a cotton based vape for a couple of years without a lot of problems despite the fact that it became increasingly difficult to not only find replacement coils but to enjoy a decent e-juice.
The zero that I purchased on a whim turned out to be the best thing I could have done.
Delivery was 3 days and I'm an Aussie , so no complaints in this area.
The best thing was the vape itself - full flavoured and ready to go off a quick charge - I couldn't be happier - and the pod has so far lasted well over a month with no sign of letting up as yet.
Very impressive for the price and doesn't leave much to be desired.
Try these - you won't be sorry.

Strawberry Cream
Michael C.
Horrible burnt aftertaste

Has a really nasty aftertaste. I can't place it but it's just nasty.

Strawberry Cream
denise x.
The worst

Such an overpriced weak as pis*
Ejuice, I’ve tried at least 60 different juices over the last 12 years and never felt the need to leave a review, I’ll never use this company again. Tastes old and has zero strawberry flavour

Caliburn Bundle
Trevor E.
Caliburn bundle

Great product, very quick delivery, great value for money

Pistachio RY4
Ryan Y.
Not strong taste but great flavour

I think this juice is designed like that way, easy taste not strong and hash

Pistachio RY4
Adam B.
Solid juice

I have been using this for years and it’s the only one that doesn’t lose its taste towards the bottom of the bottle

Brian S.
Nice flavour

Love the strawberry and the service is A1.

pretty good

does have a sweet component but mild as the label states. am vaping from a caliburn g which runs hot on inhalation and spoils the quality of the black note. excellent service from caktus.

Bahama Berry
Bahama berry

Felt like a change. Great flavour.

Love it!!

This juice is one of my favorites so far, it has a nice cool refreshing flavour and doesn't leave a bad aftertaste,I will be getting more of this .. I love it!!

Very pleasant

Thought I would give Watermelon a try in the hope it was a mellow flavour, and it is! Great all day vape, not too sweet. Also appreciated it came in tall bottles which are easier to squeeze for my weak hands. Will definately purchase again.

Strawberry Cream
stuart E.
Best juice ever

I would buy any other brand

I keep coming back

I've tried others but I keep coming back to Charlies Custard. Haven't found a better juice in the last two years.

Renova Bundle
Jack C.
Decent product

This vape had me off the cigarettes almost instantly it’s a good product


Nice and cold with good flavour!

Xtra Bundle
Kieran C.
Good value

Just changed to this pod style and liking it. It has enough power for day vaping. just keep some extra juice with you as I top it up through the day being a 2ml pod. But very handy little machine and the grape juice is very good. Thanks

Silver Leaf
Century Y.B.S.C.
Awesome Flavor

Not what I expected but a great flavor nonetheless.. 🤙

I absolutely loved the vanilla tobacco yearn pods. But they’ve discontinued making them. There is nothing like them. I hope another company can recreate them.

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