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Based on 4457 reviews

Love it. Best menthol I’ve tried

Easy to use

Like this product. easy to use good flavors and like how smooth it is. Would recommend.

It's good

Tastes like banana and cream!

Gold Leaf

It was my first time ordering from Caktusvape, and I was impressed by their fast shipping and excellent product. Gold Leaf has a nice flavor that is not overpowering. I will be ordering again 👍

Still an ok all-day vape

I much preferred the old formula (which came in a glass bottle and was also considerably higher-priced.) It had a smooth and quite deliciously sweet, nutty flavour - but this current version is acceptable.

sweet but gentile

I love vanilla anything so to combine vanilla and tobacco is genius. I quite smoking but still wanted the tobacco flavour I thought I would miss. but to tell you the truth I love the vanilla note, its sweet but for filling. I love this brand so much since I started vaping I have always ordered the cheap 4x $45 deal I usually buy 2x $45 dollar bundles. love the taste. but enjoy the sweet side to.

Boysenberg ice

Nice flavour. Would recommend it if you like a little hint of menthol.

good old favourt

always reliable never disappoints

Tangy Apple

Smooth and sweet. nice !

Tangy grape

Great flavour like most of the juice from caktus

It is the best I have tried so far

I really enjoy mixing strawberry and strawberry cream together so get a smooth flavour.

Amazing Taste from Melon Ice

Not too strong in flavour, very subtle hint of cooling ice. Will definitely be ordering this again, very happy as usual with my purchases

Smooth groove

Blaçk note has helped me drop the darts forte is one of the best juices going cant stand super sweet juice glad to have found it!!! Highly recommend!!!!

Very good

One of my favorites

Pod system

I will give the pod system 4 star 🌟 the vanilla I find the best.
This could of been 5 star but I occasionally get pods with only 1 brass insert in the pod


Pleasant smell and after taste

Sub Zero
Absolute gem.

I have tried million other menthol eliquilds however nothing was as satisfying as Subzero.
Even all my mates love it too.


Better than the milkman, smooth and toasty tobacco and not too sweet.

Not the best of the black note range

Black note products are the best, I vape prelude and sonata all day. This one was pretty hard to swallow, I couldn’t bear the taste. It tasted like an exotic perfume. Not for me

Pretty good

Sweet tasting

Hard to taste

Can barley taste this flavour. Disappointed because the hint of flavour you do get is yummm... Just not enough of it.

Yummy yummy

Beautiful flavour. Very sweet and smooth. Recommended.

So so..

Not my favourite flavour. Good if you like VERY strong grape. Bordering on medicine taste...


Delicious, mouth watering and sweet. Will definitely buy again.

Good taste!

Nice and light. Very refreshing