Unflavoured Nicotine Mix Wizard

Unflavoured Nicotine Liquid for DIY Vaping & E Liquid

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Nicotine Safety

Mix Wizard Nicotine Freebase 100mg & Nicotine Salt 100mg is Not for direct use, diluting is required. Please ensure to Shake It Well Before Use! Always avoid contact with skin as Nicotine is easily absorbed, wear disposable gloves during handling and immediately clean any spills or drips. Keep the container tightly closed and Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Nicotine Warning

Nicotine is an addictve substance. Highly Toxic in contact with skin or swallowed. If on skin: Gently wash with plenty of soap and water. If swallowed: Call a poison center or seek medical advice immediately from a doctor/physician.

Poison Centre Hotlines
AU 13 11 26
NZ 0800 764 766

Nicotine PG/VG Base

Mix Wizard EZ Mix Nicotine is in a 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) & 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) base.

Mix Wizard Nicotine Freebase 100mg & Nicotine Salt 100mg is in a 100% Propylene Glycol (PG) base.

Nicotine Storage

For longer lasting nicotine, store your liquid in a cold area and away from natural light. We recommend a freezer, but ONLY if it is NOT accessible to children.

Disposing of Nicotine

Both the container and nicotine contained within, must be disposed of in a safe way according to local regulations or authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buy Nicotine Australia?

Mix Wizard is a specialist in DIY E Liquid and has all components needed to mix your own e-liquid receipes or simply add Liquid Nicotine to your ready to vape juice. Mix Wizard has Australian shipping rates via DHL Express and can get your nicotine to you as fast as overnight! Mix Wizard ships nicotine from New Zealand to Australia.

What is EZ Mix Nicotine?

Mix Wizard EZ Mix Nicotine is designed to keep DIY simple! Specifically formulated for Doublers this unflavoured nicotine is perfect to mix in with your 0mg doublers or for your own DIY e-liquid recipes.

How does EZ Mix Nicotine work?

Order your EZ Mix Nicotine twice the strength you want to vape and simply add it to your doubler in a 1:1 ratio. For Example: a 30ml doubler mixed 50/50 with 30ml of EZ mix nicotine will create a 60ml vape juice half the strength of the EZ Mix Nicotine you purchased. See our doubler table below:

EZ Mix Strength (Buy)

E Liquid Strength (Result)

3mg 1.5mg
6mg 3mg
12mg 6mg
24mg 12mg
36mg 18mg
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