Halo E Liquid

Halo is a premium USA e-liquid available in varieties of tobacco, menthol, or gourmet dessert flavours. Made to the highest of standards all Halo produced e-liquid is tested and designed to perfection before you open your first bottle. This award-winning e-liquid is a top seller globally and we are proud to stock this here in Australia. Available in multiple Nicotine strengths including Nicotine Salts

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What flavours are available from Halo?

Halo offers a wide range of flavour profiles, including Ice & Menthol, Tobacco, some popular flavours include Tribeca, Prime15, Mystic Menthol, Sub Zero, Hybrid.

What nicotine strength is Halo available in?

Halo is available in Nicotine Salts & Freebase Nicotine in strengths - 0mg, 12mg, 20mg, 35mg, 3mg, 50mg, 6mg,
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