What are Nicotine Salts?

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What are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salts is a common term used for vape e-liquid that contains a specific form of nicotine (Nicotine Salts). Makes sense now right? This type of vape juice is mostly vaped by smokers transitioning to vaping or vapers with high nicotine dependency. Because nicotine salts e-liquid is very smooth to vape at high nicotine strengths and it absorbs more efficiently into the body vs freebase nicotine e-liquid, smokers get the nicotine satisfaction they are used to and an extremely smooth vape. Win-win! 

What is Freebase Nicotine?

Most e-liquid on the market contains freebase nicotine instead of nicotine salts. Freebase is the pure pharmaceutical extract form of the nicotine compound that has been used since the 1960s. Freebase nicotine is much more potent when heated in a vape device. For example: if you were to vape a high strength e-liquid (50mg) that contained freebase nicotine - the throat hit would be very harsh, almost impossible to vape comfortably. In a nicotine salt vape juice, it's extremely smooth and enjoyable.

Are Nicotine Salts better?

Nicotine salts e-liquid is the best options for cigarette smokers transitioning to vaping or anyone with high nicotine dependency. Because smokers generally require a high dose of nicotine to get their nicotine satisfaction, a nicotine salt liquid is the better option.

Nicotine Salts benefits:

  • It produces a much smoother vape at high nicotine strengths
  • The nicotine is absorbed by your body much more efficiently.
  • The formulation of these vape juices is specifically formulated to be vaped in small hand-held pod systems.

What Nicotine Salt E-Liquid do I buy?

There are many nic salt e-liquid flavours to choose from, with nicotine strength starting at 20mg and going up to 50mg. In general heavy smokers with a high nicotine dependency should start at the top end (50mg) for everyone else start at 20mg.

Browse through our Nicotine Salts flavour options and read some reviews from vapers who are currently using nicotine salt e-liquid and who have successfully transitioned to vaping from smoking!

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