Uwell Caliburn vs Koko vs Yearn

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Uwell Caliburn vs Koko vs Yearn

Uwell Caliburn vs KOKO vs Yearn, which is the best?.

Uwell is a clear front-runner when it comes to ultra-portable, reliable, pod kits. Let's take the top 3 Uwell Pod Systems to run a side by side comparison to help you decide which Uwell pod kit is the one for you in 2020.

We won't spend too much time on the aesthetic and design, this really is down to your own preference. We will focus mostly on what's unique about each device, what did our testing reveal and at the end which 1 do we think is the best.


When we compare specs and take a look under the hood of the Uwell Yearn, Caliburn & Koko, there isn't a lot of difference between the 3. Most notably we see that the Yearn contains a smaller battery vs its 2 neighbouring competitors, so we will have to see if the Yearn can make up for this elsewhere!

Caliburn Koko Yearn
Power 11w 11w 11w
Pod Capacity 2ml 2ml 2ml
Resistance 1.2-1.4Ω 1.2-1.4Ω 1.4Ω
Battery 520mAh 520mAh 370mAh


It's time to compare features, what's unique? what's the same? and which Uwell pod kit stands out above the rest feature-wise.

Caliburn Koko Yearn
Refillable Pod? Yes Yes Yes
Easy to Refill? OK OK Easy
Colour Options 6 4 4


The Caliburn & Koko are virtually the same when it comes to features, both take the same 2ml refillable pods and both vape pretty similar when it comes to user experience. Apart from the obvious design differences, the most standout difference would be how you trigger a vape. The Original Caliburn has the added benefit of both an auto draw sensor + button trigger. For some, this isn't a game-changer, but for those that are coming from older units, you may miss the button trigger. Let's not push the Koko to the shadows here, as the auto-sensor during our testing performed that little bit better vs the original Caliburn. It felt more reactive and didn't miss fire or drop off during a single long draw, which sometimes, not often, the Caliburn will do. We can see why Uwell decided to ditch the button on the Koko.

The Yearn can earn a few extra points here and we can start to forgive the less than ideal battery size, which to be fair isn't too bad when you compare it to other pod systems on the market in this small form factor like the Juul or Alt. The Yearn is refillable like the Caliburn & KOKO but you have the added option to purchase pre-filled ready to vape pods as well. When the Yearn was first released this was a closed pod system only, after 3 months on the market and after many yearn lovers requests, Uwell dropped the refillable pods for this unit. This changed the game for the Yearn! To have the option for both is a huge benefit for beginners, many new vapers start with a closed pod system, and progress through to a refillable system down the track. With the yearn you can grab the all-in-one deal and experiment with vaping using one of the 4 flavours available (Apple, Mango, Ice, Vanilla Tobacco) in 2 strengths (25mg, 50mg) and if in the future you find yourself wanting to stretch out a bit and try some unique flavour blends then you can buy a pack of refillable pods and try the many flavours available on the market without having to purchase a whole new unit.

Flavour Intensity

Uwell does a great job in general with their pod design and flavour technology, but this is where the Yearn comes slightly out on top over the other 2.

The Yearn kind of mists flavour onto your tongue with every vape, so you really get the clarity of the flavour you are vaping and start to notice those small difference you may not have noticed before.

The Caliburn & Koko both use the same pods, so you wouldn't expect much differences here if any. While slightly lower in grade for flavour vs the Yearn the Claiburn still produces remarkable flavour with every hit, time after time.




Pod Lifespan

Well have put a lot of time and effort into developing all 3 of these systems and it shines through with these pods. These pods are built to last and in the long run, this will save you a lot of money.

Note: Our life-span test was performed using nicotine salts e-liquid at 20mg, the flavour profiles were fruit-based with no added sweetener. We used the refillable 1.4ohm pod option across all 3.

Caliburn Koko Yearn
Avg. Life Span 10-14 Days 10-14 Days 7-14 Days

Which is the best?

This is a tough one, but there can only be 1 winner. Based on our testing, customer feedback, and when comparing the 3 side by side we have to go with the original Caliburn.

This unit has been around the longest out of the 3 and there is a reason it's still super popular today! With a beautiful design, 2 pod options, remarkable flavour, and long life pods, you really won't regret grabbing yourself the Caliburn original.

  1. Uwell Caliburn (Original)
  2. Uwell Koko
  3. Uwell Yearn

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