Buy Nicotine E Liquid in Australia

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Buy Nicotine E Liquid in Australia

Can I Buy Nicotine E-Liquid in Australia? 

In Australia, as the current law stands you are not able to buy nicotine Australia, however under the Personal Importation Scheme you are legally allowed to import up to a 3 month supply of Nicotine based e-liquid from an overseas supplier. The 3 month supply rule is very vague. According to the TGA, a 3-month supply is determined "at the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer" Using this rule we would determine in most cases on average a 3 month supply would be 12 x 30ml bottles or 360ml total of Nicotine E-liquid.

Because Caktus Vape is based in Wellington, New Zealand - your friendly neighbour to the east, we are classed as an overseas supplier and we can ship Nicotine E-Liquid from New Zealand to Australia. Our position allows us to offer very competitive shipping rates & shipping times. This means that there is no obligation to purchase a full 3 month supply in a single order, in fact on average we ship to our Australian based customers once per month, some twice per month. This way you can manage your spending to smaller order volumes per month.

How much does shipping actually cost? Not much at all... For Example: If you are in Sydney it is virtually the same shipping cost as purchasing locally from Brisbane or Melbourne, with very similar shipping times. We also offer DHL express overnight delivery to metro areas.

Unflavoured Liquid Nicotine for DIY Vaping?

It's quite common in Australia for people to purchase an e-liquid product called a "doubler" this is like any other juice but the difference is it contains no nicotine and is specifically formulated to mix later with nicotine that you purchase separately.

Purchasing a 0mg e-liquid within Australia is legal & most good vape stores will sell 0mg juice, so for some customers, this option works well. You grab your vape juice locally and then purchase your liquid nicotine from overseas to add to your juice later & create your desired nic strength at home.

This is how a doubler works - Simply order your EZ Mix Nicotine twice the strength you want to vape and add it to your doubler in a 1:1 ratio. For Example, a 30ml doubler mixed with 30ml of EZ mix nicotine will create a 60ml vape juice half the strength of the EZ Mix Nicotine you purchased. See our doubler table below:

EZ Mix Strength (Buy)
E-Liquid Strength (Result)
3mg 1.5mg
6mg 3mg
12mg 6mg
24mg 12mg
36mg 18mg

If you are after Unflavoured Liquid Nicotine for your DIY vape juice or for mixing with your doublers at home then purchase your Unflavoured Nicotine from our brother site with fast express shipping from New Zealand to Australia.

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What's your cheapest Nicotine E-Liquid?

The most popular selling e-liquid range on our store is Caktus Vape Juice. We offer a great Bundle & Save option to our Australian customers to help manage the monthly expense. We believe in transparent, honest pricing! and we don't think premium products have to come at a "premium" price point.

Right now you can buy 2x30ml for NZD $29 or 4x30ml for AUD $49. You can mix and match any flavour any nicotine strength across the entire range, allowing you to experiment with flavour and giving you the freedom to switch up your vape juice every now and then.

Shop - Caktus Juice

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