Is Vaping Legal in Australia?

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Is Vaping Legal in Australia?

The regulation of electronic cigarettes in Australia is complex. While some states and territories have introduced laws specifically addressing electronic cigarettes, in other jurisdictions electronic cigarettes are regulated by a number of more general laws relating to poisons, therapeutic goods and tobacco control.

What are the laws on Electronic Cigarettes in Australia?

The nicotine laws differ state to state on vaping and electronic cigarettes. The biggest restriction is on the nicotine-based e-liquid used in vaping devices. While most states allow the sale and use of non-nicotine e-liquid, there is an Australia wide ban on the sale of Nicotine E-Liquid within Australia, but you are able to order a 3 month supply from overseas.

Below is a helpful Infographic explaining your state laws on E-cigarettes currently.

Australia Vaping Laws Infographic guide

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